The Most Crucial Marketing Tool For Doctors

In this episode, Justin Silverman, the founder of Merchynt shares the vital marketing tool every physician needs! Uncover how this crucial strategy empowers doctors to reach more patients through effective and targeted outreach. Listen Now!

What is discussed in this episode

0:46 – Background of Justin Silverman, The Founder of Merchynt

1:48 – The difference between Website SEO and Local SEO, and what should doctors know about this?

4:05 – The most important marketing tool for a doctor

4:51 – The importance of reviews for a doctor and how does it affect the practice’s growth?

6:01 – How is AI changing the way doctors market themselves? What should they know about it?

7:10 – One piece of advice for a doctor on how they can get more new clients

7:50 – Services provided by Merchynt for Medical Practices


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